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JUNE 21 2018

FIRST DAY OF SUMMER IS UPON US in the Northern hemisphere — season change is exact on June 21st 2018 at 6:07 am NYC/EST zone.

A celebration of the return to light and a perfect time to explore any rituals honoring the Sun that might appeal to you.

A great time to gather with others to cross the threshold together with multi-day festivals, fire ceremony/bonfire, group meditation, sunrise sun salutations, or more solo adventures of goal setting and exploration of will, focus, personal vitality & the joy of creativity, creation, and doing what you most love to do. .

In terms of astrology, we have an interesting combination of energies at this time. A new horizon or expanded view has opened over the past month or so representing a new beginning and although it is emotionally supported by a grand trine in water, that doesn’t mean that you are feeling up for the energetic clean up job from so much movement and opening.

For many, it has been kind of a big thing to take on & thankfully we have a few months to get ourselves there…timelines are still VERY in flux & how recent changes will be incorporated into the rest of the life require more communication and investigation for us all & there will be plenty more dots to connect by Fall 2018.

For the moment, enjoy your fire ceremony & allow things to change shape as needed over JULY & AUGUST….especially those with important chart placements in the early degrees of fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius — unexpected changes of direction are par for this period as an influx of creative and inventive energy seeks to find a sound and useful place in your world.

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