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SEPTEMBER 24th 2018

Clearing Fear of Self Assertion

& illuminating the Fiery Path Forward

On September 24th we have a full moon at 02 of Aries — bringing to light our fears, challenges and old wounds around self assertion and self authority so that resolution can clear the way for new creative meaning and powerful new beginnings.

The full moon illumination represents the culmination of a cycle and a point of resolution, release and purification.

This month, self assertion and self authority wounds and lessons come to a head. The challenge is to find clarity on your position especially when offered false light or the lesser path and move on from challenges without getting hung up in emotional negativity.

This is a time of great personal clarity after the retrogrades of the Summer — what is right for you? Be willing to take an important stand and work through any and all fears, negativity, criticism and judgement that come up as a result

Positively assimilated and well received the power of this time can infuse us all with creative meaning and a more consciously willed purpose going forward.

— ready to do the work? Lets connect for a personal consultation so you can find greater power going forward — peace be with you – Heather 

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