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JUNE 10 2018

Calling in new information

A new moon is always the start of a new cycle…take a moment to tune in today and tomorrow

….What wants to be born here? What is needed ?

Results manifest around Nov 2018 with the full Moon in Gemini.

Wondering how it effects you personally?

look to the Gemini house and mercury in your chart.

The potential with the current New Moon is to look at a variety of ideas & options without grasping a definite path forward.
Gemini is curious, inventive, and quick …versatile.
Use the energy to your advantage as Neptune is still keeping things open, inspired and in many ways, hard to pin down.
Consider questions of how to nourish your goals–
Saturn is powerful now, suggesting efficient, elegant, constructive desires that aim for an authentic contribution to the whole… rise high with Capricorn energies in emphasis … dedication, discipline & thoughts toward long term mastery & maturity.
What are you wanting to bring out into the world and how do thoughts and words support and nourish, or not.
What new inquiries can you make that will give a whole new and powerful context to what’s currently on the table ?
New pathways are emerging around self talk, alignment of  vision with mission, asking new questions to fit a new self image or new level of personal power. Insight around how your overall style of communication effects the work you put into the world.
Areas where have you been wounded in the past that may contribute to an overly judgmental or condemning view of others come to the surface. The potential now is to acknowledge and replace with insight/sensitivity and more benevolent patterning
Are there areas that can be healed in your sense of self related to someone’s style of communication with you from the past ?
A fresh perspective may be available that can resolve the wounding or give a context of healing and self empowerment.
Situations can trigger here this week so that a more assertive & clarified self image can come through.
Answers come from Gemini sectors;  fresh media sources, podcasts, audiobook, siblings…start new with your hands or scan over affirmations for inspiration
Shadow includes– participation in wounding gossip or otherwise passive participation in
harsh judgements… being mean or severe in any way —
Find freedom by conserving your energy…. for constructive stuff… nurturing new structures of your most trailblazing, assured & authentic plans & ideas that are big time in the works.






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