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JUNE 26 2018

Seek within —-new pathways for inventiveness & originality are emerging ✨Mars (planet of drive, desire & instinct ) goes retrograde in Aquarius today ✨ initiating 60days of internal processing re trajectory, ambitions & goals …allowing our ideals to better manifest in the world at a future date. 💜💜💜This will be a lively transit with plenty of opportunities to level up via truly cosmic challenge & inspiration. Overall potential is much greater freedom and objectivity. 💜💜Shadow energies manifest as superiority, pass/agg or anger issues. Take as many time outs as required & look forward to a whole new approach to getting what you want come Fall.

Mars is retrograde and out of bounds (and therefore strengthened)  from June 26th – August 27th 2018. During its apparent backward motion it will also make several important contacts with Uranus marking key turning points in expansion for all placements in early degrees of Fixed Signs : Aquarius, Leo, Taurus & Scorpio.



Week of May 12th, 2018

Mars direct 29 Capricorn Square Uranus 29 Taurus

Week of August 1st, 2018

Mars retrograde 02Aquarius Square Uranus 02Taurus

August 28th, 2018 

Mars station direct in Capricorn

Week of September 16th, 2018

Mars direct 01Aquarius Square Uranus retrograde 01Taurus





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