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Saturday, August 11th 5:57 am EDT is our final Eclipse at 18 LEO marking the conclusion of a very intense & dramatic eclipse season for Summer 2018

For those with key chart placements in middle degrees of Fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus, effects of this event will continue to transform & liberate patterns & outcomes over the next few months.




The key to the Lion’s Gate is to arrive at your own individual place of seeing deeply that Source rather than Ego is the agent or do-er in life.

With this freedom and clarity in place —  well defined, powerful and authentic expression of your unique facet of divinity is effortlessly expressed.

The joy of life is experienced as evident and unconditionally moving as a natural celebration of existence itself.

This event carries with it an Athenian fighting spirit and creative intelligence that seeks to discern which battles — inner and outer– are worth engaging in– when is it wise to detach and when is a betrayal of our deeper nature at stake & potentially in need of protection or defense?

Mercury is highlighted in the eclipse chart & also retrograde indicating that much of the energy now is about consideration, discussion, weighing options, and exploring deeper layers of circumstances and situations.


Themes To Consider:


Clearing co-dependency – patterns that compromise or distort our natural light


Moving on from spiritual circles and personal relationships that have been dampening to the spirit and/or inner flare & fire


Seeing covert and overt manipulations in systems, situations and agreements that can now be worked through


Movement toward groups and arrangements that give greater opportunity for the discovery of personal value/worth—  simply for existing or expressing who and what you are


Clarity around any context of diminishment, those that deride in subtle/not subtle ways or otherwise erode the expression of what brings the most joy, passion and connection with aliveness in your world.


Opportunities to refresh and review personal boundaries, rights, power dynamics, exploitative tendencies, etc


Opportunity and clarity to go beyond merely tolerating particular conditions

Encountering lighthearted expressions of simple joys of life, celebration of existence via your unique facet of divinity however it shows up.

New arenas for the celebration of personality, unique qualities, creative passions, heart fire & bhakti


Deeper awareness of Worthiness — YOU for existing as YOU.


Manifestation of Pure Joy Vibration — ‘This Good Life’


Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

an excellent tool for working with this time period

Beneficial for :


  •  Uplifting/ centering yourself while sending draining energies back others— Return to Sender ( ! )

  • Removal of obstacles to creativity/vitality

  • Harnessing the willpower to remain in balanced awareness of personal needs, wants, preferences during stress /challenge.

  • Maintaining a point of view without taking on or needlessly battling negative judgements/realities of others

  • Connection with a natural sense of optimism and inner light/warmth/radiance/protection.

Follow up Eclipse dates to work with :


August 29th — Mercury Direct crosses the eclipse degree

October 21st- 27th — Turning point as Mercury and Jupiter Square the Eclipse degree


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