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AUGUST 23rd 2018

Welcome to the Full Moon at 03 PISCES for August 26th 2018— a moon that is about healing…tuning into the power and peace of acceptance. It is a kind and compassionate energy bringing in new levels of consciousness and creativity by way of imaginative, intuitive guidance. Pisces is sensitive and deeply connected to the flow of the cosmos.  
The Summer has been rich with intuitive revision with so many planets retrograde and an especially the intense eclipse season.
The past week has brought through intuitive messages, sources of spiritual healing and inner connection allowing new levels of creativity and imaginative exploration. Yay for Piscean depth, feeling, magic and capacity for compassionate understanding. Hopefully, we are all sensing a bit more of that which is the ever available ever reliable source within. 
Full moons are about completion, culmination, ending and the release of a cycle or desire in preparation for next steps and stages of evolution. Because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, this moon in particular will feature themes of conclusion, healing, acceptance and seeing clearly so that we can move forward in harmony with the larger forces of life. 
Some area of our life ( look to the Pisces house in your chart ) whether it is home, family, money, etc will be illuminated now so we are more able to work more consciously here, receive a healing and let go. The way through is to articulate was has been made conscious — create, share, invoke, etc…. and know that we may now make use of our new knowledge, appreciate a season of hard work, and honor what has been achieved, clarified or sorted out. 
The key now is to process and integrate from a place of acceptance, self compassion, and trust in the ways in which we are guided– that we know and see what is needed at the right moment. These are all positions of increased PISCEAN personal power as we move forward effectively with that which has been acknowledged. A deeper engagement with the terms of life means more energy is available for previously unseen solutions to arrive onto a larger, more inclusive stage.  
  • Enter the divine mind — Enjoy music, art, naps
  • Find wisdom via dreams, symbols, spiritual work 
  • Intuit or invoke a way through apparent restrictions
  • Call back power given away to others by tuning within — harmonize with Gaia
  • Release tension from the back, relax, let go, hang upside down — we are all suffering atm from false and enforced uprightness 
  • Request a Dream Healing 
  • Find Compassion — for others, yourself, animals, self care, knowing what you need
  • Find Trust — Notice that you use intuitive and creative skills well
  • Pause between inhalation and exhalation — consciously connect with divine field of unlimited support and perceptions of deeper understanding. 
  • Shine a light on martyr and/or victim stances — seeing the layers and what is required to empower yourself within apparent confines of relationship/exchange complexities or trauma histories.
Pisces says you don’t have to peel a million layers to get to truth/freedom/connection — it is readily available…& The process can be gentle, subtle, kind—by way of ease, mystery and magic— 
All Love

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