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29 MAY 2018



3 Key Questions


Which version of a particular situation that’s going on right now do I want to build on…  or utilize as a foundation going forward? Which emotional pathway gets me where I most want to go?

How can I express the awesome sense of purpose I feel now without obscuring necessary truths or deflating & wrongly judging another ?

Where have things expanded in my world recently that could use additional processing, defrag/detox or discussion in order to highlight whats really important overall?


Full Moon Meaning:


     The Full moon occurs at least once per month when the Sun directly opposes the Moon creating tension between two opposing forces or archetypes. Each full Moon marks the end or culmination of a cycle and speaks directly to the previous new Moon themes and objectives.
     During the full Moon period a few days may be taken to assess and acknowledge events and activities since the previous new Moon. By bringing things into conscious awareness in a context of acknowledgement, value and relevance we can work through and release more easily and have greater balance and availability for next items…. as well as a more full experience of matters at hand.

On May 29th the Moon is full at 09 degrees of Sagittarius bringing forward themes of the master storyteller, salesman and the sprit of adventure. We examine our version of things– what is inspiring, expanding us and providing faith and hope for future as well as our beliefs about what is possible and how we invest in our current narrative or not.

     Shadow Sagittarius includes things like –optimistic attitudes that are masking/false and deceptive, narrow/ rigid beliefs, speaking our truth or opinion in ways that are damaging to others or ourselves.
What is felt and released now clears the way for the upcoming 2 month Mars retrograde potential ( more on that to come ) .

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