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Important Dates For September :


September 6th — Saturn station/ direct
September 9th — Venus enters Scorpio ( will be retro here next month)
September 9th — NEW MOON 17 VIRGO  
September 24th — FULL MOON 02 ARIES
September 30th —Pluto station/ direct




Press on Aries … things move forward this month and fresh opportunities arrive especially in areas of work, health and daily living. Saturn continues to test you and although certain limitations may in fact restrict for now, there is a larger story or mission involved in all your hard work. Reaching into that understanding can make the whole thing even more worthwhile.
Resolve any conflicts with others and watch the new auspicious energies come in, making room for your powerful ambitions to make their way into the world unimpeded.
Later in the month, take some time to yourself to reflect on the best approach to any challenges you may be facing, especially regarding home and family responsibilities. The Full Moon in your sign on the 24th asks you to realize and release ghosts from the past in order to to actualize future plans, dreams and new group activities.
Still feeling stuck ? Consider one change you could make now to improve your health or daily workflow


Fun month ahead for you, Taurus especially if you are looking to start some romance, adventure or fresh creative projects. The New Moon on the 5th of the month begins a cycle of enjoyment in your world and plenty of new people or business arrangements should arrive to set things in motion. Consider activating an new career move or financial arrangement as all of the above will be working in your favor now.
The Full Moon on the 24th asks that you let go of some limiting or fear driven belief possibly through a difficult toxic relationship/interaction with another or maybe  something that comes to your awareness through a dream. Either way, take it as a gift, work it out and move forward feeling much lighter than you have in a long time.


Full speed ahead Gemini ! – the quicksilver in you rejoices at the change of pace we have ahead in the coming month. Expect new conversations, ideas, plans and analysis to positively impact the home front now. You may even find that a new start here reaches deep into your past releasing old ghosts and feeing up more energy for larger projects down the road. Mid month brings focus and benefit to your daily routine, health program and capacity to be of service to others. Transform your work day to suit the needs of your growing message and be on the lookout for new ways to bring your goods to those who need it most.
The Full Moon on the 24th asks you to release a goal or future ideal that you have recently outgrown or move on from a challenging situation with an 11th house other — i.e. friend, extended family member or group affiliation.


Reinvent your public image this Fall, Cancer. Who do you want to be in the world ? What kind of agreements and relationships do you need most ? All this and more is on the table for discussion, dissection, analysis and deep sharing. Along the way, expect to be entertained, as you discover new ways of connecting with your joy and playful side. Get your finances in order to free up more energy for growth, transformation, and healing. Consider talk therapy if you need it, or process things out in writing projects and collaborative depth analysis situations.
The Full Moon on the 24th brings changes to your physical home or to how you think about your family or origin. Release what is ready to go so you can shine your light more fully onto the world stage.


Leo — green light
All personal planets are direct this month and you will see progress in any  relationship innovations, and career expansion plans. The New Moon on the 9th of the month brings new beginnings to areas of worth, self esteem or how you manage what you own. You may come to terms with some challenging truths about your distant past but all difficulty is in service of the benefits emerging in your current home situation. You may establish new values now or have liberating conversations with significant others regarding what matters to you most.
The Full Moon on the 24th assists in letting go of an old identity/beliefs about who you are, defining mindsets, etc — a healthy self perspective is available now more than ever.


New Beginnings, Virgo !
September is an excellent month for your self esteem & growing areas of personal worth — you may find that you have a lot more to say than usual or that you enter into new kinds of exchange with others. Embrace the forward momentum as ideas and spiritual meetings flow much more easily now.
The start of the month highlights the health of your body, appearance and overall presentation and impact on others. If inspired, now is the time for a new daily routine that supports your expansion in all of these areas. Clean up, work out, whatever makes you feel good and be sure to deal effectively with any financial matters or money fears that come up for release and transition with the Full Moon energy on the 24th.


Energy picks up this month for you Libra –follow your heart, move forward with creative ventures, fun, pleasure and collaborative efforts…persevere through tests and challenges, this is a time of maturation and meaningful growth for you — coming rewards will be worth the work !
Spiritual and dream areas are in focus — info from unconscious areas
messages, and spiritual exchange…all bring valuable insight. 
Money and earnings for your abilities and talents are on an upswing & support is coming in from many directions— increased security at home and in personal self esteem is possible. Keep your head up and your thoughts warm and clear as you make your way through challenging terrain. 
The Full moon on the 24th represents a culmination or achievement in partnerships — personal and professional — negotiate, finish up something in family and personal identity. Expect transformation and let go when the time comes. 


Private time will dominate the first part of the month as you investigate layers  of your private life and home territory … Venus enters your domain on the 10th highlighting values, self esteem, possessions and exchange. You may question if you are living your values or not, make a meaningful shift in your style of relating or rewrite your aesthetics in some way.  
Take time to evaluate your boundaries around communication, friends & social time — set new goals & articulate your ideals when inspired. 
The Full Moon on the 24th brings culmination and release to areas of work, health, service & your daily schedule. Probe for the needed adjustment and trust that you are guided well now. 


Analysis paralysis is over, Sagittarius! 
Things are finally starting to move this month and your focus is on career, how you are seen in the larger world & what you want to accomplish. Communicate and share ideas about work options… explore, philosophize, play with the new energy available to see how what you learned over the Summer has changed how you interact with others. Bringing fresh insights into overall mission, higher goals, and group connections.
Excellent spiritual growth available by going within… meditate and resole any sense of enemies/ what sabotages or seems to work against your ambitions. Feeling stuck still ? maybe ask for the answer in a dream or seek a metaphysical program to help you get to the bottom of things…write up a new contract or share your recent intuitive breakthrough with another.
Overall, a great time to expand your social circle, find the joy in new ventures as you release and renew your creative vision.
The Full Moon on the 24th asks you to realize and let go of something around children and creative projects as the energy culminates to bring finality and acceptance here. 


Green light and auspicious new beginnings in areas of teaching, higher thinking and travel opportunities, Capricorn. On a more mundane level you may start a new publishing or marketing venture all of which will serve you well after a full season of retrograde mastery.
International business arrangements or opportunities to expand your reach are coming together to get your ideas out there.
Communities and groups, friendships may grow as you contribute online or within a tribe of like minded individuals – take action to get your talents seen now that much of the swampy vibe has cleared the way for new income. A coherent signal emerges around your overall worth and esteem.
The Full Moon on the 24th highlights your home and family situation including family or origin or ancestry. The potential is to find acceptance, process what wants to culminate or come to fruition and move on. Endings here acknowledge all the hard work of recent retrogrades and open the way for what will come through during the Venus Retro in Scorpio period in Oct/Nov.


Action time, Aqua —
Bold moves impacting your 8th house of transformation, financial arrangements, spending, investing and so on —
Career expansion, appreciation and contribution are all on the table for fresh consideration — seek what is most alive in you now that energy levels are on the rise and you are ready to express a new way of being in multiple areas of your existence.
The Full Moon on the 24th brings an ending or culmination to areas of communication, sibling interactions or contractual agreements. The key energy for this time is acceptance and letting go or release — what comes to fruition now, opens the way for what will come during the Venus Retro in Scorpio period in Oct/Nov. 


A New start for you Pisces, particularly in areas of partnership–  both professional and personal. Challenging communication, fresh ideas, clearing the air, & artful negotiations are all favorable activities. What do you want here ? Share your insights as you publish, learn from foreigners, travel and expand your mind as we head into the Equinox Turning Point. 
Venture into unseen realms of dreams– take proactive steps to address & heal what sabotages you, old ghosts, hidden programs in your hardware that muddy or dilute your electrifying and otherworldly insight potential.  Clean up your game from behind the scenes and watch as your reality expands magically into new learning & sharing horizons at home, abroad and across dimensions.
Good news comes at the end of the month as you get sorted financially. Find acceptance and release here with the Full Moon culmination on the 24th. This could involve your talents, abilities and self esteem — what is allowed to come to fruition now opens the way for what will come during the Venus Retro cycle in Oct/ Nov. 

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