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Important dates for October :

Oct 5 Venus Retrograde
Oct 8 New moon 15 LIBRA
Oct 9 Mercury enters Scorpio
Oct 23 Sun enters Scorpio
Oct 24 Full Moon Taurus 01
Oct 31 Venus retrograde enters Libra

Welcome to the Libra Equinox 2018!


Scrying w/ the Equinox Wine


& A Celebration of Life 


During the Libra Equinox day and night are of equal length and we look to the processes of death in nature— cleansing, purification & harvest all as preparation for rebirth. Thanksgiving, gratitude for what has come before and the death of the old precedes renewal & next stages.


We have all had significant turning points and soul evolving pressures over the past few months with a rare assemblage of retrogrades and the final Mars Uranus square perfecting just a few days ago on the 18th.
Breakthroughs are happening in waves & we undergo the process of finding new balance as things  finally move forward…. 

October will bring many pieces to the surface via 40 days & 40 nights of Venus retrograde in Scorpio from the 5th of the month through November 15th.

Everyone is operating from a new level of personal inquiry and the results will begin to manifest as meaningful new creations starting now through the end of the year.

Any sense of complacency or inertia starts to move under the guidance of a new sense of destiny. Forgiveness, recovery and the meeting of significant other souls all provide the energy needed to risk, to take a needed stand,  take up radical new thinking and invoke fresh pathways of self love and genuine gratitude for all that has brought us to this point of seeing & understanding.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio will emphasize a deep look into self value, worth, what we truly want and the underlying motivations and influences in how we claim our value especially in relationship with others.

Many will investigate the feeling of love that comes from the depths of our being
bringing deep transformation into arenas of relating, personal worth and elements of exchange.

For some, a major shift will return you to a heart connection, as feeling of the heart energies coming back on-line.
Others will venture into intense desires for a transformative love that reaches all the way through to the core of being or experience a confrontation with a transformative ideal and the sorting through of what is the deepest potential and what is illusion…

Each of us will be clearing out ways in which we defend against Love — on personal, relational and spiritual levels.

This Venus retrograde is connected with the previous Venus retro cycle of Fall 2010 as well as with the Mars Saturn conjunction at 24 Libra of August 2012. Major choices or turning points associated with these periods will be either added to at this time, continued, or brought to resolution and healing via purification. Details are relative to individual natal chart themes and placements.

Enjoy the deep dive available now—  I look forward to speaking soon in this season of clearing & clarification . 


*<3 Peace – Heather










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