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Important Dates For July:




July 12th/13th 2018: Partial Solar Eclipse @ 20 Cancer

July 27th/28th 2018: Total Lunar Eclipse @ 4 Aquarius








Hello Aries, July should be an interesting month for you as your ruler, Mars, is especially strong, retrograde and also playing a key role in the dynamic eclipse energy. This intensification impacts not only the Summer but also Fall & Winter months.

The focus is around work and home environments and has you thinking about who you are and how identity issues/questions effect work and home agreements.

You may be feeling resentful in some way or have extra emotions to work through especially mid month as you figure out how your agenda and core desire is working for those around you  You may reconsider certain ideals and make adjustments in how you communicate in these areas.

If you are the psychological or spiritual type, some deep work on ancestral energies/inherited traits, along with meditation or contemplative practice could really provide transformative insight that reshapes the rest of 2018 in a very positive way.

Overall, this is a good month to be methodical, disciplined and practical while working through some potentially life changing emotional situations. You have to opportunity to start a new cycle of activity on the home front or in areas having to do with inherited emotional patterns…dig deep and take a look at what you really want to create going forward.




We are in eclipse season— bringing unexpected developments that effect events through the end of the year.

Partnerships, both professional & personal, improve or advance one way or another this month— spiritual groups/activities or extended family can play a significant role in supporting you through any challenges or growing pains.

Be aware of any tendency to be overly willful, irritable or quick to lash out…center yourself and think about strategy and how to free yourself from frustrating or limiting influences.

Power plays mid month test your ideas & beliefs as you encounter others who see in things differently…new viewpoints may or may not work for you but the process of working it through is fruitful either way.

Sticking with what you know and a status quo mentality may meet resistance —feed your soul with a new outlook, travel plans, or some higher learning. Areas of publishing and reaching a wider audience with your work are also positive outlets for any frustrations that may arise.

How you demonstrate your authority in the world as well as how you assert yourself professionally are available for reworking now through September . Avoid or address defensiveness as you process emotions or feelings of vulnerability.

This has the potential to really get you what you want down the road but for now the work is step by step & disciplined  …meeting adjustments as they come.  You have the confidence to make the necessary changes and even if things appear to effect your stability, they are so needed and invigorating that I see you coming out on top across multiple fronts.




Greetings Gemini

Changes at home can be uplifting & supportive now as WEALTH & WORTH come into focus. Two eclipses this month infuse multiple areas of life with fresh energy for us all.

Resources, as well as intimacy and your visibility in the world are all highlighted . The potential is to increase your ability to do creative & visionary work, supported & enhanced by the feeling of being valued by others, as you connect with your authentic power as an individual.

How you conduct yourself in your most intimate associations is charged with energy of change, giving you the opportunity to initiate any necessary upgrades— do you feel valued ? Are you receiving adequate payment at work ?  Are you operating in a state of debt either in self esteem or actual finance ?   

In the event that you are not in touch with your personal and worth and value to others, this month will provide plenty of opportunity to investigate and perhaps make some meaningful headway by the end of the year.

Association with consciousness raising groups or activities can be hugely supportive now— allow higher energies to challenge any limiting self belief you may carry.

The structure they provide can help you break free, as well as provide a meaningful map to guide you with discipline, process, and/or transformative method. It is a lot,  but events now seed activities and cycles over then next 12-18 months. —Enjoy the ride.



The opportunity now is to re-cast or re-invent yourself & key contacts with others make it possible… your identity and maybe even your appearance is evolving & many of the needed changes or adjustments come through challenges from others.

Making the most of your talent is an area of focus and area of exciting change for the remainder of the year.

Events now spark or seed long term developments so be ready to make some meaningful shifts in how you view yourself in relation to others and to grow significantly in self awareness as a result.

I think that much of this will play out internally but don’t dismiss the transformative potential    (especially emotionally)  as harnessing this change could bring a much more powerful you in 2019.

Early in the month, creativity and personal expression helps give a sense of financial security – luck is on your side. The key is to believe in yourself now… travel & learning is inspirational. Foreigners or higher thinking individuals play a role.

Try to get new business deals and anything relating to finances lined up in the first half of the month before Mercury stations retrograde in the third week.

Mercury retro supports the reworking and rethinking phase of things, so anything new put forward is best done in a way that it can be altered, as missing pieces of info or new input are put in place with direct motion in August.

The total eclipse on the 28th highlights again your values and self worth & how you exchange energy & money with others… be aware if you can of shadow projections. …this eclipse will bring some of your darker tendencies to light, supporting work on deeper issues through the end of the year. 

Objectivity and clarity are the potential end result but are not found through an aloof, superior or falsely detached stance — as is often the case, the way out here is through rather than around.



With Mars retrograde as well as a total eclipse in your opposing sign of Aquarius, you have a dynamic month ahead, Leo.

Things start out with Venus is on your side —popularity, beauty, finances, & sharing with others are all feeling good.

Matters on the home front and childhood issues move forward on the 10th as Jupiter turns direct. Expect truths to be seen and financial situations to become more clear for better or for worse— at least you will be working with more accurate info.

Mars retrograde is reworking your area of personal & professional relationship agreements to make room for some much needed changes in your identity. This is likely an incremental long range operation but communication around key issues starts this month — take care of your body and consider a new look or daily discipline that supports the changes you desire.

Doing more in the world is possible now— growth & greater visibility or assertion is triggered by another — innovate and explore your options to see what you ultimately want to do over the coming months to a year.

Changes here can really be exciting down the road incorporating an expansion of consciousness that is both freeing and deeply satisfying. The way forward may zig zag for a while but ultimately this is a call from destiny, taking you into new territory of emotional and spiritual depth.




Virgo, the month starts off with an increase in social activity with a potential to receive  messages from beyond in dreams, meditation or intuitive downloads.  There is a  real possibility for beauty here as you partner with spiritual or creative others. New information could help you see things more clearly.

Feel free to move beyond any foggy or deceptive influences. Casting out addictions, bad habits, negativities and weakening influences both within and without is supported and will make room for some really inspiring and uplifting new communication.

Mars retrograde for 2 months in you area of work, daily schedule and health could see you trying out new options.  Try not to draw any conclusions and use the time to really explore what you want and how you communicate or assert your needs with important others as it ties in with the eclipse on the 13th of this month.

This is a long range influence with several twists and turns ultimately bringing through higher perspectives and personal freedom but it can be a bit bumpy if you are overly restless, irritable or pushing matters too soon.

This eclipse sets the emotional stage for the rest of the year. You may reformulate your personal expression or 5th house matters such as children, consulting work, and dating/leisure.

Your need and the needs of the group are being reworked behind the scenes in coming months but it is likely that a few trigger points will arise now. Get plenty of rest and take care of your nervous system in particular.

The total eclipse on the 28th- is sensitive for you — schedule some xtra time out either now or for the Fall with a focus on self care and possibly plans to restructure your daily schedule to accommodate some outside demands.

Whether they come from another or from inner messages, they are guiding you toward new ways of using your energy & to consider how you choose to make your work and personal expression available to others, or not.



Lots of opportunity at the start of this this month, Libra, for social time and reworking how you enjoy life, dating, and also friendship agreements. Lots of people will want time with you and you are supported in making changes in how all that is arranged in order to accommodate the personal shifts that have opened things up for you over the past year.

You may find some real clarity and relief from any ongoing power struggles and gain a significant amount of personal power in the process especially as the year continues. If things are challenging now, be patient the energies are moving, and much of your identity is being reworked at a core level.

Things at home could be running deep or simply be in need of repair and xtra upkeep. If big issues or turbulence is overwhelming, you have the opportunity now to clear the air and claim a new path for yourself that is more satisfying than the past has allowed. It can be quite a process however, step by step is a good idea since there may be a lot more involved for you emotionally than you are equipped to handle all at once.

Overall, greater levels of freedom in work and personal life are starting now and I think that any areas of security that may need relinquishing will not seem so challenging due to supportive others coming in and that opportunities to grow and breathe freely likely compensate for much of the difficulty.  Good luck and enjoy the new offers coming your way.


All forms of relationship agreement are in a state of growth for you, Scorpio.

Career and home changes are possible, or at the very least, important conversations about the evolution of these areas of your life are supported.  Important correspondences and emotional sharing only serve to further open the way for expansion of your awareness over the rest of 2018.

Expect more freedom and higher vibes if you are open to working through some of your more entrenched and limiting beliefs structures. Encountering the ideas of others could be touchy now but worth the effort of working it through.

On the 10th Jupiter goes direct in your sign after 4 months retrograde — inspiration finds expression & teachers arrive, as various levels of benefit grant you an expanded presence in the world.


Hello Sagittarius

Transformation is the focus of your Sun this month— emotions, healing and intimacy is highlighted. Energized conversations around breaking free from restrictions or limiting situations gives a sense of restless early in the month. Communications in general is something that you will be working on quite a bit, as well as sibling relationships, if that is relevant to you.

Mid month we have eclipse that triggers some emotional sensitivities around values, money, deep intimacies, or your work as a healer. You will have the rest of the year to sort out how you want to work with the inner realizations but I see you having a lot to say about it now as well and having your opinion heard might be very important to you.

If you have any key relationships that don’t seem to have a sense of equality or equanimity you may decide to take the more intense and confrontational route and meet the situation head on.

A sense of ease comes this month through a openings in your daily schedule or health routine that could help you create a more satisfying financial structure or that gives a feeling of increased confidence and well being. If you have an interest in meditation or a spiritual discipline, now is a great time to pick that back up or renew your sense of fun & dedication in that area.


New patterns of relating on up for you now, Capricorn.

Change comes in structured way that is welcomed– giving greater stability to all areas undergoing expansion and growth. Take a closer look at all relationships —

What are your needs? Who is contributing what? What are the agreements and are they working for you? Is it fair ?

Standing up for yourself now can be a bit tense but don’t sell yourself short. Looking at what would otherwise be avoided or dealing effectively with power struggles is key — realignment in relationship now leads to major change by the end of the year.

For support, join purpose with others….friends or groups that can hear you or are on a similar mission creatively or with regard to their children or other 5th house matters.  This is a great time to renegotiate your earnings and speak up about what matters most in your life. Changes made now have real and lasting impact on the next year and beyond.


A big month for you Aquarius with Mars retrograde in your sign as well as an eclipse at the end of the month. This eclipse will bring something to completion in your world although the full effects are likely to unfold over the remainder of 2018.

Areas of focus are around identity, your body and how you present yourself. Who you feel you are. If you have any health concerns, adequately address them sooner than later.

Jupiter direct in your career sector gives visibility in the world with opportunity to expand should you decide to make a greater impact.

Home and partnership agreements are undergoing growth & expansion. Being heard is important now…work, family… where you are located and the recognition of your deeper needs. Any tendencies toward being self centered will not take you the distance this time around. All the cards will not be on the table until mid August so hold off on any conclusions for the moment.

Later in the month, review communications in general (and especially with siblings & neighbors) …outworn mentalities and old wounds here are available for inspection, healing, & moving on as you reformulate how you wish to represent or assert yourself in general.


Lots of energy moving this month, Pisces but results will be out of view for the most part until Fall and even into the end of the year.

We are in an season of incremental change over the long term. There is a very step by step, day by day feel to things. The idea for this moment is to create space for deeper unfolding in coming months.

Make preparations and space for your imaginative self healing and creative methods of recharge & renewal.

If you want something tangible to work on, take a closer look at self worth & how you use your many talents — independence in earning, equitable exchange and awareness of shadow material here is up for inspection.

Lots of support is available however, with Jupiter going direct on the 10th, travel, foreigners, publishing and web projects move forward and the feeling is optimistic —teachers, guides and learning all are coming in and how you want to work things spiritually is available for change and experimentation.

Eclipse on the 13th of the month brings change and developmental pressure to 5th house matters—all things relating to  children— teaching them, children’s rights, creativity and counseling work.

Power struggles with others may be present and lasting over several months but the idea is to grow as an individual in strength and confidence while working through the deeper emotions, inner realms of feeling and intuitive depths.

Lastly, Mercury goes retrograde end of the month — rethink or make improvements to your daily schedule, review health options or devotional rituals. Plans here are ok, just leave room for revision down the road as the cards and players are never completely in view with the trickster in retro mode.

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