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Important Dates For AUGUST 2018:


1st – Mars (retro ) Square Uranus Activation day, Significant Turning Points
7th – Uranus Station retrograde until next year
11th – New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 18 LEO 
19th -Jupiter trine Neptune, Mercury Station Direct
26th – Full Moon Pisces 03
27th — Mars Station Direct 







Opportunity for self discovery and self healing continues to be an area of focus this month .
Identity/ going within/ testing new waters to see what is the true need around who you are, how you show yourself to the world, your reputation, presentation and inner connection to deeper layers of identity and what it means to be a self …in the world, in relationship, in family and in creative projects.
People and situations arrive to help you along the journey by both triggering and nourishing the process, especially as you seek to heal yourself along any of these lines.
Others seem to be on your side more than usual now. Relationships and business partnerships receive extra support. You may birth some new collaborative projects or date someone new.
The Full Moon at the end of the month helps you confront and transmute addictions or unconscious energies, opening the way for greater spiritual development and/or dream discovery.
Overall, a good month to consider what you want to create, where you find your joy and who you want to share it with over the rest of 2018


You are on a path to freedom, Taurus…enjoy the opportunities and support coming in from others.
Areas of expansion that have been particularly tense or speeding along take some time out for inner development and deeper processing until Winter 2019. Pieces continue to fall into place over the month of August allowing for a more concrete understanding of the changes that have been initiated or the changes you wish to create for yourself.
The eclipse in Leo on the 11th brings new energy to home and family arenas. You may begin a transformational journey into how you understand the past and family of origin issues.
Either way, foundations and roots are highlighted now through Fall– set some new intentions & goals here if your direction seems unclear or if energies are boggy.



Venus enters your 5th house of children, creativity and fun on the 6th of the month, Gemini, bringing ease, enjoyment and beauty to these areas of your life. Situations with neighbors and siblings come to some kind of resolution or ending and you may have learned a great deal about communication and mindsets that work for you as well as well as those that clearly do not.
There is in opportunity to redesign your mental programming over the next few months —beliefs are powerful and letting go of a few core snags from the past can really open things up.
All is well this month in work and career with plenty of flow an blessings in areas of reputation and daily routine. Any lingering financial situations with others can expect resolution soon. Areas that have been a bit of a grind should ease up with a much lighter vibe in general as the Summer winds down.




August is a month of inner focus for you Cancer, as mars and mercury are both retrograde. Home is especially nurturing now, new locations work out well and family relationships are more harmonious than usual.
The Solar Eclipse on the 11th highlights self esteem and financial resources. Set new intentions in the area of personal skills and assets as you may find yourself in a new phase of growth and development here over the next 6 months. What would make you feel good about yourself overall or add to a sense of personal value and esteem boost? set your sights there and see what comes your way over the coming season.
Relationships are under evaluation. If possible,  wait until Fall to draw any conclusions as more is yet to be revealed. Rather than sitting on the energies or stewing on contingencies, get out of your head, socialize with new groups, or seek educational advancement. Learn something expansive or focus on higher mind and metaphysics while sorting things out on the inner planes.
Clarity will come as you connect more with the joy of your own gifts and abilities this year.


A fascinating new start for you Leo with the solar eclipse in your sign on the 11th of August — Topics  of focus over the next 6 months include your body, appearance, a shift in relationships and agreements with others for the benefit of  supporting your highest light and how you want to project your light into the world going forward. An overall evaluation of your natural radiance and how you wish to tune up or adjust things to support next level goals and aspirations.
Dealing with stress is key this season especially irritability, tension, health issues may be flaring up as you work with all the potential for change and transformation moving through your system at this time. Meditate on your fire nature to optimize the potential here or if needed, seek assistance from modalities that specialize in balancing the fire nature. Learn more about your purpose and desire nature.
On a lighter note, communications are pleasant or at least productive and with Venus in Libra – take advantage of the diplomacy and opening here this month to facilitate development in your overall transformation. Express what you really want in relationship with important others. It doesn’t have to be completely worked out now as this area continues to be under significant development internally and externally through the end of the Summer.
In general, work & business are expanding. Your skills are well received by others, possibly bringing new ventures and arrangements that are nourishing and supportive.
Happy Birthday, Leo — Shine On!



The Solar eclipse on the 11th begins a new cycle in spiritual and dream realms, Virgo. You may also start working through a new chapter of self understanding as material from the unconscious comes to the light for healing and integration. Set intentions or work with rituals this month that facilitate these processes. Start a new spiritual practice or upgrade existing structures. An important month to address any addictions or sabotaging behaviors, including any addictions to negativity or victim mentality. If needed, seek the appropriate support to help you work it through as the universe is on your side when it comes to facing things that would otherwise be hidden or out of view.
You may experience a spiritual opening or breakthrough this year as the underlying block is removed or transmuted as a part of the eclipse potential.
Don’t let workaholism or perfectionism to get the better of you– Things are developing behind the scenes now and frustration or worry over details is counterproductive…at least until October!
Relationships are in flux both personally and professionally — go within to assess how you wish to make use of the opportunity… set your intention to re-evaluate and come through the other side with increased self understanding and personal power.
In general, take it easy when you can. Be kind and gentle with yourself this month, finding additional time out to rest and restore. Talking it through with spiritual or nurturing others is beneficial.


Your ruling planet Venus is in your sign this month, Libra, bringing likability, beauty, & overall benefit.
Joining with others in new ways is possible– share ideals or community concerns, enjoyment of mutual interests and group participation.
With the eclipse In Leo on the 11th you may find new friendships or important group affiliation over the emerging over the next 4-6 months. If you have a desire for new energies of this kind, now is the time to make your intention clear. Find a ritual that works for your or fill out the resume, application or travel requirements and expect significant developments to show up in divine right timing as we move into the Fall season here in the North.
Relationships with home or past family issues is are shifting. A closer look at early dynamics in the childhood home is encouraged & helpful for clearing out energies from the big eclipse last month.
Overall emphasis is within, go with spiritual development, rest, re-evaluation and dream work. Possibly select a therapist, guide, or healing modality to gain clarity re your preference in every day events. Articulate what works for you and what does not. New boundaries and self esteem building are in potential but will require some sustained effort on your part. Now is the time.


New and interesting others arrive to expand your horizons and belief systems Scorpio. You are in a season of release and letting go as you bring in fresh energies that push your comfort zone and invite you to look deep within and possibly into your past and conditioning patterns.
Lovingly point your passion for investigation and analysis toward your own issues in ways that inspire self honesty and growth and you will be amazed at what comes to you by the new year.
Any lingering negativities come up now for completion and to find peace through concluding conversations and sharing of viewpoints and individual needs and desires. What you want and need in both personal and professional relationships is a dynamic area and exploring new communication styles or changing how you express yourself to get what you want is under evaluation.
A new cycle arrives with the eclipse on the 11th inviting you to look at how you get your light into the world. Over coming months, you may either begin or end a significant career endeavor and its likely that celebrating an achievement here is in order.
Groups and organizations are supportive now. Any wisdom teachings you have been exploring over the past year are in an expansive phase & will contribute to greater wealth and self esteem in 2019.



Much of the sky is retrograde this month, supporting an easy going, mellow approach to life.  Many areas are going through important changes but the energy is internal and behind the scenes.
Spend some extra time in spiritual and dream realms as information will be flowing here.
Friendships and group time is beneficial this month — seek out collaborations and shared ideals. start projects that give you a sense of joining with others in mutual purpose.
The eclipse on the 11th is favorable for you …an opportunity for a new cycle in areas of higher thinking, travel, self promotion and publishing. If you have an interest in metaphysics, you may really expand your learning greatly in coming months. Set some new goals for development here.
Mercury retrograde is pausing expenditures. You are asked to look at self worth and your current values and skills. Communicating about these areas as well as issues of income is through the end of the month.
The Full Moon on the 26th concludes some investigation on the home front. Let go of issues or situations around the home and early family issues and patterns. Embrace what comes up and release to prepare for change. You may want to burn some herbs in the home or utilize a fire ritual to cleanse the space of old ghost and worries. Overall a pleasant month that should come as a relief after the turbulence of Spring and July Eclipse season.


Things are in flux, Capricorn.
Finance is an area of change, also self worth and income.
What do you want ?
How do you go about it?  Are there any adjustments needed in these areas ?
How do you communicate these important desires to those closest to you ?
Keep your eye on your temper as the potential for frustration is very real right now. Irritability and energies bubbling up for healing and resolution could overtake your ability to remain focused and clear about your primary objectives. If this is you, take some time out and find your center before doing the important work of carrying things to the next level this month.
On the 11th a Solar Eclipse in Leo brings new starts in areas of intimacy. Over next few months. boundaries and needs are renegotiated. Look deeply at intimacy and trust, who you share yourself with both personally and professionally and expect some positive developments before the end of the year. This will be an area of focus until then– set new goals for yourself in areas of intimacy, transformation and finance, especially if you have important placements around 18 degrees of Leo.


Aqua –This month, the potential to go deeper into trust, intimacy, sharing is great. Communication in these matters is key and likely to be a source of both challenge and happiness. You move into greater joy and creative sharing, possibly with new projects in the works…playfully discuss or explore the potential with others with whom you share mutual respect.
On the 11th, Solar Eclipse brings a new cycle in relationship agreements both personal and professional, so expect important shifts here over the new few months. Set some new intentions for how you work one on one as you find new freedom to negotiate terms when needed.
If you find that you’ve become disconnected from your favorite leisure activities such as reading, napping, etc take time now to recharge with simple pleasures, rest in the inner worlds…rediscover enjoyable modes of restoration.



Use your considerable powers of intuition to generate new work scenarios this month, Pisces. Much remains under development as half the sky is retrograde. The stand still is only apparent however as transformation happens behind the scenes and on the inner planes. Mood improves as new tricks and tools arrive, adding magic and inspiration to your overall situation.
Collaborations are financially beneficial now as well as increased intimacy and exploration of these areas of personal expansion. Meditate on bringing increased blood flow or ask for assistance in the dream realms. You may be surprised how much new energy is available to you now in terms of inspiration and guidance to grow in this area personal power.
The eclipse on the 11th may bring in a new work/employment opportunity or herald the start of a new health routine or daily schedule — set some new goals here & call in some pretty sweet results by the end of the year.
Group affiliations and friendships are under the change still with mars retrograde. Community involvement is being re-evaluated.
What do you want ? How you go about getting needs met ?
How clear is your vibe regarding desires and getting your way ?
Look to see what messages are coming in here –take time to clear out any negativity or baggage weighing you down, muddying the water, etc
The Full moon in your sign on the 26th encourages letting go. Something releases with a much needed exhale —an excellent time to fast in some way that is relevant for you as a cleansing ritual, then lovingly clear what wants to go, giving you greater clarity and focus re what really matters to you personally .

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